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Weeks End 9 by ddsp
Weeks End 9
// Finally getting things done while J do his thang in the kitchen. I spent a good whole day being off the internet yesterday for a good cause. Maybe a good cause. It feels great to get those unread feed done on Bloglovin as well as clearing up my inbox. Life is good. *sips on imaginary cup of tea*

// I could smell it when J is more or less done with lunch! His dad and brother likes the sweet and sour chicken the most, though the dad feedback about the meat quantity. Haha. For me, I just love how soft the carrots were and those enoki and prawns totally complimented the dish. Mmmm~

// In my first point I mentioned about being in the invisible mode for a good cause. Well, my good cause is The Sims 4! I know, I know. That's like the most unproductive thing I can be doing, but hey, I AM a The Sims lover too. ;)

// J and I met up after dinner for ice-cream. The sky was red-ish and my mood for the day was totally killed by him in the afternoon, so a simple ice-cream that is! Come to think of it, I can't remember when was the last time I actually had an cone ice-cream from McDonald's.
Weeks End 8 by ddsp
Weeks End 8
// It was a braid kind of day. A bowl of hot kimchi instant noodles, humid weather, rebellious hair. You get what I mean.

// Typing this during mask time. I should really pay more attention to my face and skin by feeding what's good for them.

// I can't get over how huge this golden retriever is! And you know what? He's only 10 months old!

Read the rest of my post here
Week's End #7 by ddsp
Week's End #7
// The package from Paige is finally here! For a while we were worried about lost mail. Thanks for the content, gal! I love all of them!

// J seems to have lots of fate with spiral carparks tonight. He was making lots of inhumane sound while driving down the last of the night. He said the length of his uncle's car is to be blamed. Mmhmm.

// After a super crazy (to my mental state) day, it feels good to be home, to be somewhere I feel safe.

// Finally tried the churros from Spanish Doughnuts Singapore. It tasted like huge fries dipped in chocolate. A little over-rated if you ask me.

Read the rest of the post here
Week's End 6 by ddsp
Week's End 6
// Baby Edgar says HI! His marshmallow-squeezeable-squishy cheeks are not as squishy anymore, but he's still as cuddly as before. I didn't carry him at all today because he was more wriggly than before, but it was fun to be witnessing his ever changing expressions. Here, he was leaning on my aunt like a boss, refusing to smile like an angel when I had my phone camera pointing at him. Guess what? He totally mocked me with the biggest smile after I gave up trying.

// Toys for kids these days are so advanced. We used to play with pieces of notes during Monopoly, now they have electronic unit to store and deduct money with. I don't even.

// Getting journal routine back. I have be slacking off for a long time. The best part is that there is nothing sucky about today to pen down! Woohoo!

// I'm totally debating between gathering items for Baby E's full month celebration and a simple red packet. I don't know, let's see where this week leads me to.
Week's End #5 by ddsp
Week's End #5
// Reading the latest edition of Style:Weddings left me feeling inspired and worried about our pockets. One thing that we can be glad of is that our wedding is not happening any time sooner.

// While reading the magazine, Shania Twain's From This Moment On came up on the radio. How timely is that?

// The haze situation got worse compared to the day. It was all humid and not-so-pleasant smelling. I had to tie my hair up in order to continue with the chores. Speaking of which, parents are coming back tomorrow! Yay!

// Bake another batch of No Bake Cookies, this time with all ingredients in. I think I added slightly too much butter, but overall it was so much better with peanut butter. Mmmm~


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